What is Blue Apron?

Before we start, you must be wondering, what type of service does Blue Apron provide? Well, this is an online-based food delivery company that sends customers pre-portioned ingredients, along with the instructions, to help them prepare delicious and healthy meals.

It basically eliminates grocery shopping, but for those who still enjoy going to the store, there is always lunch and breakfasts, since this company only provides dinner. You can mix and match the ingredients, or choose a la carte menu, while orders are directly shipped to your home address.

Creating an account

Creating an account is incredibly easy. You give you email and address and then you’re led to a screen where you select the number of meals and serving size (more on this below).

After a few more questions, you select your delivery date and then you’re done.

Choosing box options


My experience using Blue Apron

Overall, using Blue Apron wasn’t the best experience, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I enjoy cooking and Blue Apron’s fast and easy to cook meals were a little too simple.

Food quality

The food was always fresh when it arrived and could last a few days in the fridge, or, if you need to wait longer to make certain meals, the food was fine being frozen.


Blue Apron’s food never tasted bad, but it didn’t taste high quality either. That’s likely due to the fact that most of their food simply didn’t call for enough spice. Once I added more salt or pepper or chili flake (you get the point), the food was a little better, but still fairly bland.

For the cost of Blue Apron, I don’t feel that the food quality is necessarily worth it. You pay upwards of $50 for two meals a week (and that’s just dinner), so you’ll need to go grocery shopping anyway, and by the time you’ve bought everything you need, Blue Apron’s price doesn’t seem very budget friendly.

Recipe cards

For the most part, the recipes led you in the right direction. But, as I said above, for those who have never, or rarely made full meals, the recipe cards can be hard to follow. You’re told to do multiple tasks at once—which is hard even for more experienced home cooks, and there’s a lot of assumption that you know how to chop vegetables properly, know how to add the right spices, and multi-task.

In my experience with other meal delivery services (Plated, for example), the recipe cards have helpful tips that instruct you how to do every single step, no matter how small.

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